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When life gives you lemons …

Clay Sparkman

I recently posted this article on my investor blog, The Private Money Investor. Even though the article is targeted toward investors who put their money into private money loans, I think it is appropriate to post it here.  After all … just look around you … this is where the game is.

I have always believed—and history seems to bear this out—that when the status quo becomes problematic, new opportunities present themselves.   Certainly the real estate economy of the past three years has proved problematic, and so as private money investors we are called upon to seek out those borrowers/investors who have encountered and successfully engaged those new hidden opportunities to create wealth in difficult times.

I would like to present here, by way of example, one real estate investor in particular who has done precisely that.   Mr. X saw opportunity in a Las Vegas real estate market turned upside down.   He assembled a crack team and began buying REO properties at heavily discounted prices from banks.   He used private money, along with his own funds, to buy, rehab, and either quick-flip or hold (depending on the particular circumstances) single family residences and multi-unit properties in the city.

He came to us to help fund his projects, and we have been thrilled to see him perform impeccably on loan after loan, grow his wealth position, and persistently decrease his leverage position (at a time when many real estate investors are doing just the opposite).

Our private money lenders are coming to us and asking for the chance to do more loans for Mr. X.   We just finished closing another 4-plex rehab loan for him and are now in the process of placing a very attractive 10-plex acquisition and rehab opportunity.   By way of illustration, I have provided the prospectus below.

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Purchase and Rehab of 10-plex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Loan Details

  1. Loan Amount: $210,000
  2. Term: 2 yr
  3. Interest Rate: 13%
  4. Monthly Payments: $2,275.33 Interest Only
  5. Security:  Deed of Trust in 1st Position security interest in real property in Las Vegas, NV 89102
  6. Value by Borrower Estimate / Comps is $350,000
  7. LTV by Borrower Estimate / Comps is 60%

Loan Overview

A loan for the purchase and rehab of this property has been requested by Mr. X’s company, xxx, LLC.   Mr. X is requesting $98,200 for the rehab of this property, and will be making a down payment of approximately $16,000.   Mr. X will personally guarantee this loan.

Mr. X is experienced flipping homes and multi-family homes in Las Vegas, and has rehabbed well over 200 properties in this area.   He currently holds 65 properties in his inventory.  38 of these homes are free and clear and all but 2 of his properties are rented and producing income.  Mr. X reports that these properties are for sale or pending renters.

Mr. X has successfully completed four loans with Fairfield over this past two years.  In each of these loans the construction was completed and the properties were listed in under a month.  Both houses were sold and the loans paid in full well before the loans matured and Mr. X has never been late with a payment.  In addition, Mr. X currently has five active loans through Fairfield.  These five loans are on 4-plexes that he is holding as rentals, and like the first four loans.  Each of these rehabs was completed and rented in approximately one month.  Each property has a positive cash flow and Mr. X has never been late with a payment.  To exit this loan, Mr. X will seek conventional financing once renters are in place.  He anticipates that it will take around a year to get this financing in place.


The subject property is 5,500 SF and has 10 units.  There are eight 1 bedroom and 1 bath units, and two 2 bedroom, 2 bath units.  The 10-plex was built in 1956 and sits on a .15 acre lot.

Based on other rental properties that Mr. X owns in this area, he anticipates that property will rent for $4,300 / month total ($400 / 1-bed and $550 / 2-bed).  Mr. X aggressively markets his rentals which are all newly renovated and priced lower than his competitors.

The building is structurally sound, but is in need of cosmetic repairs.  Mr. X has agreed to make all of the repairs to this property out of pocked ($98,200), and will submit one final draw for reimbursement once this property has been completed.

This property is in a prime location, within walking distance from the Las Vegas strip.  It is located approximately ½ mile from the Stratosphere hotel and casino, in close proximity to some high end developments like Allure Towers, Soho Lofts, and Newport Lofts.


Comps by Borrower

To determine the completion Value, Mr. X’s partner and realtor, Mr. Y, has provided some recent comps for multi-unit properties.  Based on the price per unit of these comps, location, and expected rents, Mr. X estimates a conservative value of at least $350,000 for this property.

In July 2010, a property inspection was performed for a 4-plex in a similar neighborhood (829 Held Road).  It was suggested by our inspector that a conservative value for this property would be $180,000.  Because these are both multi-unit income properties, the approach used to calculate this value should be similar.  Based on the inspectors estimate of value for this 4-plex, Mr. X’s estimate of $350,000 for a 10-plex seems reasonable.


We were provided with a signed 1003 for Mr. X, which states a monthly income of $30,000.  In addition, he states a net rental income (not including taxes and insurance) of $72,180, and a net worth of $7,258,000.   A copy is provided here for your review


Mr. X has a mid credit score 575.  His credit score has dropped substantially due to late payments on a Mercedes for which his ex-wife is responsible.  Mr. X said that his name should not be on that anymore and he will look into it.

Market Analysis

There is ample information available for residential market conditions.  By utilizing sites like zillow.com and altosresearch.com, we can see that the residential market has been in decline for the past 2 years.  Altos research.com provides graphs of the average price, price/SF, days on market, and the number of homes on the market.  These graphs are provided for your review.

Most notably, the graph showing the number of homes on the market (and recent reports of a 2nd wave of foreclosures) suggests that increased foreclosures continue to force people out of their homes.  The number of homes on the market has increased by approximately 10% over the past 6 months.

Mr. X states that this downturn in the residential real estate market has been one of the keys to his success.  Mr. X stopped flipping houses approximately one year ago, and started buying rentals.  In this market he’s able to purchase these properties below market value and rehab them quickly, so that they cash flow with hard money rates with minimal vacancy.  The fact that these rentals are newly renovated and competitively priced in a market where more people are renting, has allowed Mr. X to make a lot of money over this past year.

Now that’s some kind of lemonade!

– Clay (clay@privatemoneysource.com, 503-476-2909)

Clay is Vice President of Fairfield Financial, a primary source for private money since 1964.  Fairfield is currently targeting loans in OR, WA, AK, CA, CO, ID, FL, GA, ID, MT, NV, NY, OK and TX.  To submit a loan to Fairfield for consideration: http://www.privatemoneysource.com/loanproposal.php

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