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Clay Sparkman

This is an interesting blog post.


It tells about a new site where you can go to make $5k private money fractional loans automatically, without the bother of actually dealing with a broker, borrower, or such. Apparently you don’t have to even bother making any decisions about the investment. That might be nice, except …!

Well I’m not going to offer any real opinions. I’d like to know what you all think about it. Does anyone out there want to weight in on private money lending of this sort, and how they feel about it?

Please do. It would be nice to hear some feedback.

- Clay (clay@privatemoneysource.com, 503-476-2909 or 800-971-1858)

Clay is Vice President of Fairfield Financial, a primary source for private money loans since 1964.  Fairfield works with a broad range of private money investors, in a broker capacity, finding, underwriting, presenting, closing, servicing, and when necessary, assisting in the workout of difficult loans.

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