Fairfield Financial Services, Inc. - Private Money Loans, Lending & Borrowing


Fairfield Financial works hard to establish good working relationships with Loan Brokers. Though we do work directly with borrowers, we push toward being more of a wholesaler, and emphasize building relationships with professionals who can help their clients understand when private money might be an appropriate option to pursue. We will work with brokers in one of two ways:

  • The broker refers a client directly to us, and we package the loan, working directly with the borrower. In this case, we pay the lesser of 1% of the loan amount and 20% of our total commission to the referring broker.
  • The broker submits a full and complete package to us, and remains "in the loop" throughout the loan transaction. In this case, the broker is free to price the end product to their client, adding whatever reasonable fees they can negotiate.

In the event that you are a licensed Loan Broker, and wish to submit a loan package to us, you may want to run the concept past us first. (You may wish to use our Loan Proposal Form to do so.) Once we have established that the concept makes sense, please prepare a package using the guidelines on our Packaging Guidelines page, and then call us to arrange a handoff.