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Some interesting real estate and hard money loan articles

Clay Sparkman
As I go about my way, trying to make sense of real estate markets in various parts of the US and in the US in general AND trying to determine what that means for the private money loan business, I come across articles that I feel are probably share-worthy. In that spirit, I have linked to several articles here which you may find interesting and/or useful
7 Questions to Ask Hard Money Lenders
10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Bought a Foreclosure
Seattle-area home-price growth from current boom has surpassed last decade’s bubble
The most profitable ZIP codes in the Triangle for flipping houses
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Clay is Vice President of Fairfield Financial, a primary source for private money since 1964.  Fairfield is currently targeting loans in OR, WA, AK, CA, CO, ID, FL, GA, ID, MT, NV, NY, OK and TX.  To submit a loan to Fairfield for consideration: http://www.privatemoneysource.com/loanproposal.php

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