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Climate change and the real estate market

S. Clay Sparkman

One thing that nearly all investors surely have on their minds right now is the possible economic impacts of climate change. Certainly, any progressive and significant trend toward global warming should concern anyone who invests either directly or indirectly in real estate markets. If you ask any climate change scientist what effect climate change will have on the value of you home in the next ten years, the first question they will ask is, “Where do you live?” Climate change is global, but climate change will present itself regionally.

I am presenting you with a (somewhat) recent article which takes a first look at this issue. (It is certainly an article that any real estate investor should want to read. The article is “How climate change creates a ‘new abnormal’ for the real estate market,” written by Patrick Sisson, and published by Curbed, October 29, 2019.

Please read it! If you haven’t been thinking about climate change as it relates to your investments, then perhaps now is the time to start. I suspect that you’ll find value in this piece.

Best, Clay Sparkman, CEO

– Clay (clay@privatemoneysource.com, 503-476-2909)

Clay is Vice President of Fairfield Financial, a primary source for private money loans since 1964. Fairfield works with a broad range of private money investors, in a broker capacity, finding, underwriting, presenting, closing, servicing, and when necessary, assisting in the workout of difficult loans.

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