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Fix and flip big

Clay Sparkman

This is interesting. I had wondered why we have not seen as many REO type fix and flip property loans as I had expected. I was informed by an individual quite recently that they had read an article about two very large entities that were going to the banks and buying all of the REO properties in blocks–thus leaving little if nothing for the small investors.

This article, with an eye on California, gives and additional perspective on that issue.

Does anyone out there have additional perspective which they would be willing to share?

– Clay (clay@privatemoneysource.com, 503-476-2909 or 800-971-1858)

Clay is Vice President of Fairfield Financial, a primary source for private money loans since 1964.  Fairfield works with a broad range of private money investors, in a broker capacity, finding, underwriting, presenting, closing, servicing, and when necessary, assisting in the workout of difficult loans.

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