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Real estate values – what’s next?

S. Clay Sparkman

It has been quite a challenge this past dozen years predicting the movement of real estate market values. Values spike. values crash, values spike again, and then … maybe get a little squishy. Also, note the strange happenings in the national political machinery. It might be perilous to ignore this entirely.

For anyone who has been paying attention, I believe it would be hard to make a confident projection at this point.

In reading through some of the analysts and prognosticators, I felt that the following item by Caroline Feeney at Forbes did a nice job of identifying some of the factors and trends at work and codifying a reasonable scenario going forward.

Her column is at:

Real Estate Markets Cooling Across the Country, And It’s Not Just The Winter Effect

If anyone out there has any thoughts on this one way or another, please give us your thoughts.


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